@arek Zorkij, bring memories from the childhood with the grandpa. He had I think v2 of it.

@arek My oldest one is a cherrywood late 60's handmade build Tachihara 4 x 5" from the first series. Truly amazing piece of japanese work. ☺️

@MartinBe definitely I will try some wooden folding cameras in the future :) currently I have many rangefinders and SLRs

@arek To be honest I don't like this modern digital photography. I am more (if not very) old-school one in this topic. Cambo Ultima, Mamyia, Hasselblad, Leica, Zenith, or even Smiena. Also stuff like a six-bath development for example, that's my most used tools and workshop. No computer effects, only pure optical ones. That I like at most. 😉

@MartinBe I like digital photography, but analog is more magical :) Moreover, I love adapting old lenses to new cameras, you can reach extraordinary effects which will be closer to analog :)

@arek For me digital one was only used as an sort of previews/testing shooting tools. When the whole set was ready to go, I was done all of the shootings with the analog only cameras. Okay, I had a digital back wand from Color Crisp, but it was used only there where nothing other can be used, like chemicals in the air, some biohazard environment, radioactiv polluted regions, big temperature differences etc.

@arek Yeap I am. Everything I know and can do with the camera today, I learned from really old masters of this profession, whom I had the opportunity to meet or talk to over the years of work. And off course from my childhood and youth time spended with my grandfather. He was analog photo freak and also an owner of a small, local vintage/retro photo studio which he inherited from his father. You know, family traditions. 🙃

@MartinBe (1/2) well I'm too young and I didn't have chance to take photos with analogs when it wasn't old school, but my mother is photographer. She doesn't work in this profession but she get hooked me into photography.

@MartinBe (2/2) Now I collect old analogs, old lenses and I have fun with experimenting like adapting old lenses to my Sony cameras or the shooting on expired film rolls. I have some equipment to develop film rolls which I've inherited from my mother. So definitely the next step is develop a film roll by myself!

@arek Naaahh, no masterpiece, just an old equipment for my former daily work, in the time where I have my own agentur. If I find some pics of and from them, will post it on my wall. To be honest I have not used them some years, since I quit with the own business. I am working now in totally different branche. In medical one. 😷😁

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